Study Abroad FAQs

Where to study?

To choose where to study first decide what is your interest and which field you want to follow. Google about those interests and opportunities. Then think about where you can get the best opportunities to achieve career goals. Select the country accordingly. Since it’s important to manage your work schedule and college schedule so choose the best place near from workplace.

How important is it to study abroad?

You can get better courses and practical opportunities while studying abroad. There are many top college and universities located in countries like US, Australia, Canada, Korea, Japan etc. They can help you to get your exact career goals.

What is the eligiblity criteria to study abroad?

Every school, college and universities have their own eligibility criteria. They accept students on the basis of those rules. There are many requirements you should compulsory meet. Basic requirements are your academic qualifications, English language proficiency. Also, Different courses have different requirements. Hence, research about courses you want to apply for.

Can I study and work abroad side by side?

While living abroad working can help to handle your expenditures. Your visa should permit you to work. Usually, the student visa permits you to work part-time. College can have their own job centre for students or you can find other out of college as well. It will develop your skills as well.

Which languages should I study ?

It depends on which country you want to go. Generally, English proficiency is enough but if you want to study in Japan, you need to have  Japanese Language proficiency  (JLPT) or if you want to get Korean student visa then learning the korean language will help you a lot.

How difficult is it to manage normal lifestyle for students?

You will get to face many challenges while studying abroad. Challenges include your daily and monthly expenditures, your tuition fees etc. You might feel difficult to manage your lifestyle according to their systems. Financial issues, language issues are very common. But with the time you’ll learn to manage and get used to it.

How long will the process go?

It Depends on which country you want to apply for. Generally, the processing period is 5 to 6 Months.

Also, the processing time depends on:

The type of visa you have applied for.

How easy it is to gather all the verified documents.

How long you take to submit all the necessary documents. etc.

The process flow goes like :

  • Join and apply.
  • Submit the documents.
  • Interview.
  • Inquiry from international immigration.
  • Certificate of Eligibility

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